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I love you



This first example is a good example of the basic package with an electric guitar doing a lead part and the addition of Strings and French horns and an oboe. The way this version is produced shows the excitement and power that we're good at. Listen to how we start with piano, bass, and drums with an oboe under the melody. Then we add the French Horns in the Chorus and Strings in the next verse. The Guitar solo breaks up the song with a verse so that when the last verse come in with a modulation everyone listening will be listening to your song.
This second version of this song is an example of the basic package. We are using a piano, bass, drums. In the middle of the song there is an addition of an electric guitar doing a lead part.

My Vow to You

This song is the basic version of our demo with Piano, Bass and Drums. It has some additions.  We've added Strings and French Horns as well as vocal harmonies.
A Wedding Song
A young couple gave us this song with piano only and they asked if we would add and orchestral arrangement for it. This is what we came up with after re-recording everything.
Handy Man
This is a basic version of a demo. It has Piano, Bass and Drums. We've added four parts of harmony to fill up this song

One of These Days

This is an extended Dance song. We can take your dance song and do extensive editing and producing to make a song like "One Of These Days". Please write to us for price quotes.


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