So you have your own studio and you're ready to go  to the manufacturer.


You need to have your record mastered. Does your music sound weak? Take your CD and  compare it to your favorite commercial recording. Does it lack Punch and Drive and Clarity? If it is not the same Quality, or tracks are not the same levels throughout the CD, you know one song is lower than another. If this is the case with your music we can help with our state of the art mastering studios

What you will be getting is the following:

  • CD transfer to our state of the art workstation

  • Equalization of all Frequency Bands

  • Analog and Digital Multi-Band Compression

  • Stereo Field Separation

  • Bass Management

  • Limiting and compressing with hardware and software

  • Full Editing (in/out fades, cross-fades, song order)

  • Two Red-Book CD Final Masters recorded at 1X, that are ready for Duplication


1-3 Songs $65.00 Per Song
4-8 Songs $50.00 Per Song
9-12 Songs $40.00 Per Song
13-18 Songs  $500.00  A Very special Package Deal for up to 18 songs

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